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LibreOffice è una suite per ufficio formidabile; l'interfaccia pulita e i numerosi strumenti a disposizione vi consentono di liberare la vostra creatività e aumentare la vostra produttività.
Le diverse applicazioni disponibili rendono LibreOffice la migliore suite per ufficio libera e o
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Suite libera per l'ufficio

LibreOffice 6: la suite libera per ufficio che si distingue tra tutte le altre.

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Un progetto dinamico

LibreOffice è uno dei progetti più dinamici e solidi nel mondo del software libero e open source.

Chi siamo - I nostri valori

Gente fantastica

LibreOffice è molto più che un semplice software. Riguarda le persone, la cultura, la produzione, la condivisione e la collaborazione.

Entrate a far parte della comunità!

LibreOffice è un software Libero e Open Source. Lo sviluppo è aperto ai nuovi talenti e alle nuove idee; il nostro software è testato e utilizzato quotidianamente da una numerosa e affezionata comunità di utenti

The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 6.0.5

Berlin, June 22, 2018 – The Document Foundation (TDF) announces LibreOffice 6.0.5, which still represents the bleeding edge in terms of features – and as such is targeted at early adopters, tech-savvy and power users – but is also ready for mainstream users and enterprise deployments. TDF recommends deploying LibreOffice in production environments with the […]

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Image handling rework for LibreOffice – Collabora’s tender results

Donations to The Document Foundation are used for many purposes, such as organising events, maintaining our infrastructure, and paying a small team to handle QA, marketing, documentation and other tasks. But donations are also used to fund tenders, whereby companies and individuals improve LibreOffice in specific areas and share knowledge with the community. One such […]

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GSoC’18: SmartArt Week 6

This week, I have written unit test regarding the Basic block diagram, for normal i.e., from right to left as well as for reverse i.e., from left to right, but i don’t know why, jenkins is comparing that unit test with old code base that was without my change, I am working to find out what could be the possible cause for this.

I plan to write unit tests for various smartarts, such that when they are fixed we can find out by the unit test if anything is wrong or not.

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The Styles Menu and UI Customization

Yesterday I was reviewing a nice feature implemented by the User Experience Team of LibreOffice about the Style menu in WRITER. Like all help pages I review, I must test and explore the feature, looking to get the benefits but also to note the possible pitfalls.

What caught my attention was a nice combination of LibreOffice UI and menu customization. LibreOffice allows documents to carry the customized user interface menus, toolbars and much more. If you have a document that requires a sp[…]

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